Here is what limited information I have on the various 50s sold with a Jawa badge, since the mid 1990s up to the present day. Click on an image to see a larger version and more information.

Jawa Scooters

These are two scooters that I have found pictures of but very little other information.  I would think that very few (if any) of each were made.

Jawa Mosquito

Introduced in 1994 by the Jawa company, the Mosquito used a 48.8cc engine from Slovenian moped manufacturer Tomas.  It was styled like an enduro bike - tank and high front mudguard, but it was equipped and tuned to be a very competent road bike.

Jawa 50 Robby

Jawa Moto is currently (Nov.’12) offering, on it’s website, the JAWA 50 Robby (model 588).  This could be a part Chinese manufactured bike as it appears to have the same engine as the Motoscoot Betka and Pionyr reproduction. The Robby is offered in three versions - the Robby sports bike, the Robby Enduro and, sold for off-road use only, the Robby Cross.

Jawa Betka

In 2006 Jawa Moto, as well as continuing it’s own manufacture of larger Jawa bikes, formed an Alliance with various partners to sell smaller capacity bikes and mopeds, that appear to be of Chinese manufacture, under the Jawa badge. One moped is a very good attempt to recreate the Jawa Pionyr - see my Pionyr Literature page for more on this. The other new moped is the Jawa Betka. This is a traditional style “step-through” moped equipped with a copy of a Honda 4 stroke Monkey bike engine, as is the Pionyr copy. These mopeds are marketed by a company called Motoscoot and their web site suggests that they are still available.