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My wife’s red & pink JAWA model 210 “Barbie” moped

Spare Parts:- Spares for most models seem to be getting easier to find, try some of these suggestions. Also have a look at my Spares document for some advise about spares and prices.

MZ-B.com is based in Hungary but posts spare parts all over the world. This site also has a lot more JAWA, CZ and MZ information. Look for the BABETTA pages.

A company in Slovakia with spares for a wide range of Jawa-CZ models and others. Most pages available in English. I have used and can recommend these people.

A revised site in the Czech Republic specialising in parts for Jawa, Stadion and Simson mopeds and 50cc lightweight motorcycles. Site is in English or Czech. Again, I can recommend this supplier.

International site

Czech site

A Czech site with lots of spares for a wide range of Czech & Slovak bikes & mopeds.  Sesa from this shop has done, in English, a very helpful guide to using the site.

Another Czech site with text partly in English.  Parts for Jawas, CZs and others including some parts for the Pionyr, Jawetta and Stadion.

The UK site of a friend Phil Speakman. Primarily selling MZ parts, but Phil is gradually adding Jawa parts including a few moped items. Keep checking back.

Another site in the Czech Rep. New & used parts listed by model group, most with photos. Prices shown on separate price lists. Just e-mail them to enquire or order.

In the UK, the main importer of Jawa CZ spares, Mick Berrill Motorcycles, have some Babetta spares.  1-3 Henry Street, Northampton, NN1 4JD. tel 01604 636760

In the U.S.A. some moped spares, as well as spares for the larger Jawas, are available from West Coast Motorcycles.

Another site in the USA. This is a list of moped dealers all over America, many of which seem to list Jawa or Babetta mopeds or parts.

The extensive website of Myron’s Mopeds, a moped repair and spares shop in Fullerton, California with some Jawa content.

Other Jawa moped sites:- These links are to other web sites devoted to Jawa, Babetta and other Czech mopeds.  Some of these have more manuals etc. to download.

An excellent site, jawamoped.hu, being made by Marcell Selmeci in Hungary. There is a lot of useful stuff and more being added all the time.

Another site of a Jawa moped enthusiast in Hungary.  There is a lot of unusual stuff on here, all in Hungarian.

A site packed with information, mostly in Czech. Includes a bit about the older mopeds and some downloads of manuals etc. - click the “technika” tab.

A Netherlands site devoted to only the Pionyr / Pioneer model with pages in Dutch English and German with some downloads of manuals and parts lists.

A Czech site devoted entirely to the Jawetta models with loads of pictures and a lot of very useful technical information and some links to spares suppliers.

Another Czech site devoted to Stadion and Jawetta models with some good information. This site disappeared for a while but seems to be live again.

Motoscoot is the Czech company that is currently selling the Jawa Betka moped and the replica Pionyr moped.

A Czech site with a lot of information on the Stadion mopeds as well as Jawa and other makes of motorcycle, all in Czech.

Another Czech site with lots of information & specs and some manuals on the various Czech mopeds including some of the recent models, all in Czech.

A lot of information on the Pionyr models including the 20, 21 and Mustang variants. Also some stuff on the Stadion, Dandy and Robby, all in Czech.

The Manet name has now been taken over by MP KORADO in the Czech Republic. The old ZVL factory at Povazska Bystrica has no more involvement with mopeds.

Other moped sites:-  Some links to other sites devoted to mopeds generally, some include Jawa moped content.

An excellent USA site dedicated exclusively to mopeds of all makes.  There is some Jawa and Babetta content and a lot of links to all sorts of other moped related sites.

A site in the USA which has an enormous amount of information and links to other sites. Some of the links are dead but many lead to very useful sites.

Moped Riders Association seems to be based in the USA and is principally a forum, but there is an excellent moped repair section.

A site with lots of manuals, handbooks and other information to download for a wide variety of different moped makes, plus some tuning and maintenance articles.

A Slovak site with lots of private sales of second hand mopeds. Mostly later Babetta or Jawa models but occasional some older Stadion, Pionyr, Mustang, or scooters.

A UK site with loads on articles, pictures etc. on all makes of moped, auto-cycle, cyclemotors etc that were made in, or imported into, Britain.

Another UK site with various moped related stories and a selection of their own shops with new and used moped parts, and links to other shops.

A company in Slovakia who transport bikes and mopeds between Slovakia and Czechia and Britain. I have used this company and can highly recommended.

Other links:- Not just moped sites, but sites devoted to the larger JAWA CZ motorcycles as well.

The club in the U.K. is the JAWA-CZ Owners Club. This links to the very good club website. A good source of help & information.

JawaCzech is the site of my friend Mario Mager, a real JAWA-CZ enthusiast. Here you will find links to other Jawa CZ clubs in every part of the world.

This is a link to the web site of the club in the USA and Canada, The North American Jawa CZ Register. They can supply some manuals etc. for a small charge.

Here is the Jawa-CZ site of Reese Dengler in America.  Reese is particularly into off-road Jawas and CZs, motocross etc.

This is a link to e-mail me. I should be pleased to receive your comments or suggestions or any pictures or material to include on the site.

Absolutely nothing to do with Jawa or mopeds or even any form of wheeled transport, however I like this site and found it very.........informative!

Nothing to do with Jawa mopeds again, but a cause we are very interested in - our local  Greyhound Rescue group, who do a great job and deserve support.