The Jawetta was introduced in 1958 but at that stage was called just the  “Jawa Moped” and was designated model 551.  This model was actually a Jawa product made at the Jawa factory in Prague, making it the only true Jawa moped. It was produced until 1962.
As some of the adverts show, the Jawetta was sold along side the Pionyr.  The Pionyr, which didn’t have pedals, was marketed as a lightweight motorcycle. The Jawetta, with pedals, was a moped being “more suitable for women and juveniles” - their words, not mine. Although both had similar 49.8cc engines, the Pionyr had 2.2HP with a 3 speed gear box against the Jawetta’s 1.5HP & 2 speed box.

A leaflet from the USA. Thanks to Reese for this and other Jawetta stuff.

Two adverts from Finland and one from France, all from 1960.

Jawetta details and the story of my own Jawetta

A Jawetta advert from the USA importer

Jawetta article from CMR 1961

Servicing the Jawetta from CMR 4-1962

Four pictures from Issues of CMR featuring Jawettas ...

... and two from Czech magazine Automobil

A “buyers guide” to the Jawetta from Dutch magazine Bromfiets from May/June 2004.

Part of a document giving Jawetta type numbers.

WANTED:- Does anybody know where I can get one of these - a set of leg shields for my Jawetta (picture on the Home page). As supplied on the Deluxe versions. I would prefer good, original condition in this blue colour but anything considered. Please email me.