This item, from the Jawa-CZ Owners Club archive, is part of a draft for a talk to the Press at the Eurocrest Hotel, Wembley, on Wednesday 27th February 1980 by George F. Rue, Sales Manager of Jawa-CZ Motorcycles in the U.K.  This extract gives an interesting insight into what was planned for the moped and Mustang models in the UK for 1980.

" Jawa-CZ - The Right Choice for the Economy of the 80s’

Good afternoon ladies & gentlemen.

............................ Luck has played it's part in 1979 because that year of escalating fuel prices resulted in the moped sales boom that you all know about and happened to coincide happily with the introduction of the Jawa Freewheeler. Now the Jawa Freewheeler was born out of discussions which took place with both our trade and customers resulting in last year, would you believe, considerably more than 300% increase in registrations over the 1978 figure, putting us in to 11th. place in the overall moped market and the remarkable 5th. place in the step-through moped market. Now I think you will agree that is a creditable enough performance in it's own right, but it is even more so when you realise that there are 110 different moped models available in the U.K. market today.  .....................

......................... Again, new for 1980, it is my intention to attack the lucrative 16 year-old first time buyer market. When a few years ago the Government said that youngsters must ride mopeds the Japanese and Western Europeans responded with high speed sports mopeds – so called that is – which attracted mass sales, but then the Government decreed to sixteen-year-oIds “thou shalt not exceed 30 plus 5 miles per hour" and the major manufacturers of sports mopeds lost most of their advantage.

So what have the sixteen-year-olds got to look for if they can’t have speed? I am suggesting the answer is style and cosmetics - Ladies & Gentlemen, meet the Jawa Mustang Sport. We have had two Mustangs on test for some time now and they have performed very well reaching 35 m.p.h. easily, and with lively acceleration. But market research told us that this was not enough even if the price was highly competitive, hence. the reason for the racing style fairing which is standard on the Mustang Sport, a further reason for fitting this fairing is that again Market Research shows quite clearly that, unlike the older motorcyclist, the sixteen-year-old likes to buy his, or her for that matter, styling features as original equipment at the time the machine is purchased.  Accordingly this fairing has been designed and produced specifically for the Mustang and will not be available as an accessory suitable for competitors machines.

Another interesting feature of the Mustang is the complete electrical system which includes a battery, this is provided primarily because of our desire for a stop lamp to be fitted.  You see there is currently a problem boiling up in the U.K. market brought about by the fact that two legal definitions exist for the moped, one of them refers to a machine with a 50cc motor capable of being propelled by it's own pedals, the other definition talks of a motorcycle - and remember that word ladies and gentlemen, a motorcycle - restricted to a speed not exceeding 30 plus 5 m.p.h. and limited to a certain weight. Now it is this word "motorcycle" which has caused the problem because traditionally mopeds have not been fitted with stop lights and the Police in a number of counties are now maintaining that the restricted moped of the latter category is called a motorcycle and as such should have a stop light fitted if, indeed, lighting is fitted in the first instance.  I understand that a number of prosecutions are pending at the moment.

Now this matter has already been taken up with the Ministry and although a decision has not been made, it is the Minister's feeling that whilst the ordinary step-through moped was never intended to have a stop light and doesn't need one in the future, this does not apply to the restricted type of moped and it seems likely to us that the requirement for a stop light will very shortly become law.  I know for a fact that this problem is exercising the minds of some of the larger manufacturers in this country. We at Jawa-CZ have taken the bull by the horns and ensured that our moped complies even now.

The obligatory 49cc engine is fitted complete with a three-speed positive stop foot change together with a suitable maximum weight which makes the Mustang Sport a very attractive Sixteener Special.  What makes it even more attractive though is the retail price which including VAT is £279-91, and don't forget ladies and gentlemen, that includes the fairing, a comprehensive tool kit and tyre inflator.  .....................

It seems from the above, that 1979 was the first time that the Mustang had officially been imported into the UK, but there are many examples of this model in the UK, that date from much earlier. There must have been many brought into the UK privately or by individual dealers before this date.
The full version of this draft is available as a pdf from this link.