One of a series of bike pictures originally published in Svet Moturu magazine in 1989.
This is not really any sort of moped or autocycle but is included here as an early product of the Manet factory that would go on to produce the Pionyrs and Babettas.

Above is the text from the clipping and below is my rough English translation.

Manufacturer: Povážske strojárne, n. p. Povážska Bystrica
Manet motorcycle history began production of motor vehicles in Slovakia. By the year 1951, when its production ended, were produced 37,630. Nevertheless, these machines are, among our collectors, very rare and can not be seen at rallies or historic motorcycle events.
Shown motorcycle is very sensitive renovated by Emil Galánek, a member of the newly established veteran Motoclub Pezinok.
The two-stroke, single-cylinder, double-piston, engine.  Capacity: 93cc (2 x Ĝ32 x 58 mm), 2.6 kW at 4500 r/min.
Compression ratio: 7,3:1
Flywheel magneto igniting.
Lubrication by mixture of oil and gasoline at 1:20.
Multi-plate clutch.
Three-stage gearbox with foot gearshift.
A simple closed tubular frame.
Telescopic front forks with damping fluid. Tool box built into the tank.
Manual horn.
Weight:  72 kg
Top speed: 65 km/h
Fuel consumption of: 1.5lt./100 km.

An advertisment for the Manet 90 from 1949.

A leaflet for the Manet 90.