The two mopeds following were both found for sale on the bazoš.sk web site. The red moped is a “Babetta Sting”.  It appears to be a genuine factory product, it has the official Babetta badges. This has the pedal start engine from the model 210.
The green one looks very similar to the Stuart model with its low height and smoothly styled, plastic bodywork. It also appears to have the frame and wheels of the Stella model. This one has the two speed, kick start engine from the Jawa model 225, also used on the Stella.  It was described, and is badged as a “Hooper Mini”. My guess is that it was an interim model from the Kolarovo factory, between the Stella and the Steward.
At the bottom of the page is some sort of sales leaflet showing both these models dating from about 1997.