Jawa Moto News 2006 -- New 4 stroke “Jawa” models

Jawa Moto has formed what is called a "technological, manufacturing and commercial alliance" under the name of JMT. Partners of this alliance are:-

(a) the Chinese firm, TMEC Power.
(b) Jawa Union, holding the Jawa name rights and containing what is left of Moto Jikov which had produced the Dandy.
(c) Jawa Moto, the manufacturer in Tynec nad Sazavou.
(d) someone called Motoscoot
http://www.motoscoot.cz/   a Czech trading firm specializing in off road machines.

The declared aim is to produce and market motorcycles and moped worldwide. The practical (suspected) idea however seems to be to sell Chinese material under the Jawa label. The flagship of this alliance seems at the moment to be a 50cc moped called 'Betka' but equally a 125cc machine to be known as the 'Duck' will be available. Probably the most interesting of the machines though is a not at all bad attempt at a “replica” of the Jawa model 555 moped from the late 50s / early 60s, but using, as far as I can make out, a replica of a Honda monkey bike 4 stroke engine. Go to:- http://www.motoscoot.cz/ and follow the link to Jawa Pionyr.

General feedback from many at the moment is greeting the whole thing with a good deal of scepticism especially amongst people who are close to Jawa. But for Jawa, battling with a virtually collapsed market for its products it's being heralded as a life-raft to cling to, we will have to see.

Jawa has also transferred its trading department completely to offices in Prague.  Equally in Prague a sales centre has been opened. "Obchodní Centrum JAWA" at Kodaská 73  in 100 00 Praha 10. Whether this helps to boost sales remains to be seen, though it is reported that Jawa has recently lowered ex-factory prices for its motorcycles, notably the new 4 stroke, no info as yet on amount of any decrease.  Sales of the 650 range while not too bad have still at the moment not reached the levels that the factory had been hoping for.

Below:- The old, on the left an original model 555, and the new.
Adapted from an article by Ian Bridge,
originally published in Torque issue 6/2006.

At the time that this was introduced the UK Jawa importer, F2 Motorcycles, were offering the new Pionyr 50M model, a restricted version, legally qualifying as a moped in this country, for £1299 on the road.  The restriction was to the carburettor & inlet manifold only. A larger carburettor and sports manifold were available, as was an 85cc big bore kit.  The moped was available with either single or dual seat. I don’t know if these are still available, but if you are interested ask Dave Angel at F2 Motorcycles ltd., 290 Leverington Common,  Wisbech,  Cambridgeshire, PE13 5JG.
Telephone 01945 410165 or go to the web site 

A few more pictures of this model from the Motoscoot web site.

Click here to open a pdf copy of the Motoscoot brochure for this and the Betka models.

Top picture is the 2006 “Limited Edition” bike in front of an original 555. Above are some detail pictures of the “Limited Edition” bike.
Below is a comparison of the Limited Edition bike on the left and the standard model on the right. It looks like the standard model has been produced to comply with EU road regulations.  The only external difference appears to be the lights but I guess the engine must be restricted on power and have emission control measures.  The limited edition is stripped of indicators and has a 1950s style tail light.  It may also be without the restrictions.
It is hard to see how the limited edition could be registered for the road anywhere within the EU and why it costs 180eur more than the standard one.