A service sheet for the 05 scooter published with Motor Cycle And Cycle Trader in September 1964. Or download an A4 printable version.

Two pages from a 1964 show leaflet introducing the models for the 1965 season.

A CMR article about changes to the 05 electrics.

Some publicity pictures.

Here are a few sales and technical items about the Jawa 50 scooters.  Above are all on the model 05, which replaced the Pionyr model in 1962.  This was itself replaced in 1966 by the more powerful model 20 shown right.  Below are items on the Mustang variation which came along in 1969.
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Another road test on the Mustang, this one from Motor Cycling from August 1981

The UK importer’s press release introducing the Mustang.

Mustang Development
A time line of some of the detail changes made to the Mustang during its production run.

In production from 1969 to 1982
1971 - fabricated pressed steel swing arm changed to tubular construction
1972 - speedo changed to round,
   - chain guard curved back end became straight,
   - bracing bar removed from handlebars,
   - handlebar centre cover becomes smaller.
Up to 1974 engine is 4bhp @ 6,500rpm,
after 1974 engine 2.5bhp @ 5,600rpm.
1974 - ‘cigar’ end silencer becomes ‘slash cut’ end.
1975 - tubular stays over outside of front mudguard become flat pressed strips inside mudguard.
Mid 70’s - pointed end alloy levers become ball end pressed steel.

Thanks to the ‘Mustang Expert’ Glen Newport for this.

Another road test from British magazine Bike from December 1980.

A road test on a Mustang from British magazine, Motorcycle Mechanics from December 1981.

Torque article about a race style Mustang.

Some magazine covers.

A Mustang leaflet